Optos patented ultra-widefield scanning laser technology supports the detection, diagnosis, analysis, documentation and management of ocular pathology and systemic disease that may first present in the periphery.

These conditions may go undetected using traditional exam techniques and equipment.

The Daytona delivers both ultra-widefield and ultra-high resolution images to facilitate disease detection, management and clinical analysis from central pole to periphery. The Optos Daytona offers multiple wavelength imaging, including options for color, red-free, and autofluorescence with green laser light.

The Optos Daytona

  • Unequaled 200° retina view
  • Quick, easy and comfortable
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Co-management with patients specialists
  • Management of patients with pathology
  • High-resolution, high-contrast image
  • 82% of the retina in one image
  • Small pupil patient friendly capture
  • Pupil dilation not necessary