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CRT Corneal Refractive Therapy 

  • What is Paragon CRT?

  • Is Corneal Refractive Therapy Permanent?

  • Can everyone wear Paragon CRT?

  • How long does it take to reach good vision?

  • Are there any risks involved with wearing Paragon CRT?

  • Can I see with my Paragon CRT lenses in?

  • How often will I have to replace my Paragon CRT lenses?

  • What is the cost for Paragon CRT lenses?

  • Is Corneal Refractive Therapy FDA approved?

  • Will I still need a "Visual Restriction" on my driver’s license?

  • I suffer from “Dry Eyes", Can I have CRT?

  • A child’s vision changes. Is CRT appropriate for children and teenagers?

  • Is CRT permanent?
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